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Gallery Walls: Create an inspired and artful décor feature without the fuss.

August, 2018

For the uninitiated, a gallery wall is simply a collection of photos, paintings, sketches, or other mementos hung on a wall in a creative arrangement that suits the space. A ‘classic’ gallery wall is a tight cluster of photos in identical frames, arranged in a grid pattern with precise spacing between each one for a stately look.

But a gallery wall doesn’t have to be a study in perfection—nor do your freshly painted walls have to look like a shooting gallery of off-target nail holes. Here, we offer styles and tips that require little measuring and less fuss. Instead, we focus on the fun of curating a collection, and displaying your most prized and meaningful pieces as a unique home décor feature.

  • 1. Organic. This type of gallery wall is a motley collection that grows over time, as new and noteworthy pieces make their way onto the wall. Varying sizes, styles, and colours of frames add to the look, and placing the pieces about 2-to-4-inches apart lets it breathe.

The beautiful artwork featured in this article was generously loaned by artists of the Visual Arts Studio Association of St. Albert (VASA). We sincerely offer our thanks and gratitude. If you’re lucky, some of these pieces may still
be available for purchase.

Art displayed

Image 1.

Organic (left to right): Wood Lily by the Wapiti (watercolour), Artist: Cheryl Moskaluk, $350 | Trichoceros antennifer (watercolour), Artist: Cheryl Moskaluk, $200 | Blakiston Canyon in Waterton (watercolour), Artist: Rayma Peterson, $600 | For the Love of  Lions(limited edition fine art print),  Artist: Victoria Armstrong, $50 | Catching the Wind (limited edition fine art print), Artist: Victoria Armstrong, $50

Image 2.

Tiny (top to bottom): Vessel Series – Nest 7 (acrylic and beeswax), Artist: Julie Kaldenhoven, $100 | Celtic Moon (limited edition fine art print), Artist: Victoria Armstrong, $25

Image 3.

Mixed Media (left to right):
Say What? (acrylic), Artist: Julie Kaldenhoven, $100 | Passing Through (acrylic), Artist: Julie Kaldenhoven, $100 | Connect the Dots (acrylic), Artist: Connie Osgood, $125


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