The 8s

Easter Gifts

April, 2024

Here’s a look at a few progressive gift ideas to celebrate the occasion.

From its origins as a holiday celebrating the arrival of spring to an event that’s taken on more Christian significance, there’s no doubt that Easter has changed over the years. That’s not to say that chocolate bunnies and candy eggs are passé, but no doubt there’s a growing contingent out there wanting to modernize the occasion even more. For that crowd, here are a few ideas.


  • Art Gallery of St. Albert, 19 Perron Street
  • The Bookstore on Perron, 7 Perron Street
  • Klondyke Flowers, 19 Bellerose Drive
  • Seasons Gift Shop, 8665 McKenney Avenue
  • Simone & Ivy, 580 St. Albert Trail
  • Tattered Rose, 33 Rayborn Crescent

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