Crossword Sept 2018: The Final Frontier

August, 2018

Take a crack at our crossword puzzle—the newest T8N addition—and discover how much you really know about space science. (Tip: Don’t be shy to ask your kids for help—because honestly, when was the last time you opened a book about space? Your kids probably knocked one off before bedtime).


5 Spaceflight program that retired in 2011
6 Canada’s hand in space science
8 Second man to walk on the moon
9 First artificial Earth satellite
10 Author of “A Brief History of Time”
11 This Montrealer is TV’s most iconic spaceship captain
12 Not even light can escape this
13 He launched his musical debut from outer space
14 Cold War flight competition
19 Explosive American sitcom
21 It can feel this long to drive St. Albert Trail in traffic


1 Brightest star in the night sky
2 Space telescope launched in 1990
3 Led the Apollo program
4 Located in Cape Canaveral, Florida
7 Planet most famous for its great red spot
15 Planet named after the Roman God of War
16 Local county with great stargazing
17 Theoretically connects extremely long distances
18 First animal in space
20 This Renaissance man was a big fan of telescopes
22 Hypothetical fourth dimension

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