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Generations Dental: Oral Health, and weathering the Covid-19 storm

April, 2020

Update, May 27, 2020.

We are very happy to announce that the whole team is back together at Generations Family Dental!!! We are back to our full scope of services we can provide including dental cleanings and any elective work our patients may require. We have had some fantastic guidance from both the Alberta and Canadian Dental Associations on how to keep us and all of our patients safe in our office!! 

Some details of our changes include rearranging our waiting room to maintain social distancing and also allows us to wipe down all surfaces touched throughout the day. Our front end team is sanitizing the front on a frequent basis. We are happy to provide masks at the patient’s request as well as various hand washing and sanitization stations throughout the waiting room and treatment areas for everyone’s use. We are limiting the number of patients we have in the office at a time to reduce exposure and avoid a crowded waiting room. 

We have taken many precautions to keep us safe as you can see us all layered up!!  Believe it or not, me and Erin are smiling in this picture!! We are looking forward to having an air filtration system installed in the weeks to come to try to further facilitate the removal of any aerosol that may be in the air. Amongst many other implementations, these are just a few examples. We feel really good that we have been able to go above and beyond our association’s recommendations to ensure our valued patients are safe as well as ourselves and our families!! Please feel free to ask us about any of the above protocol or chat with us about any other concerns you may have!! 

Dr Dana HardyGenerations Family Dental

March 31, 2020

Until mid March COVID 19 seemed like something that was in the news, but not really affecting us.  It was then that we started to hear about cases happening here in our own backyard! 

Here at Generations Family Dental, we started taking measures early on to protect ourselves and the public.  We tried to limit the amount of procedures we were doing that created aerosol to limit our risk as well as yours. 

March 17 we got word from the Alberta Dental Association that all non urgent procedures needed to be halted.  Through many enquiries to our association this left us in a little bit of a grey area in terms of what we could do to help our patients. 

After doing some research myself, I discovered that our drills could aerosolize the virus up to 6 feet and leave it suspended for up to 3 hours.  It was at that time I decided no patients would have treatment in the office moving forward to avoid putting our family and yours at risk.  The Alberta Dental Association later mandated that only emergent treatment could be seen face to face which is limited to swelling that can not be controlled by medication, uncontrolled bleeding and trauma. 

All of the Generations staff are at home with their families and we are in touch every day to stay connected!!  It has been very hard on all of us as it has been for our patients and family!  I am at the office every day trying to stay on top of concerns.  I may not be able to see patients face to face under the current mandates, but I am happy to chat about any emergency no matter how big or small over the phone!! 

Until further notice from the Dental Association we will carry on with our new circumstances until we can get back to business as normal!!  We all very much miss our work family and our patients and will be very happy when we can meet again!! We are all in this together and just and need to support each other until we are on the other side!  We hope you are all doing well and we are there for you in any way possible so feel free to reach out! Stay safe and take care!!

When we reopen, you can find us at:

19 Bellrose Drive, St.Albert

780 460 8708


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