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December, 2015

woman wearing jean jacket and hatSpring is the perfect time to renew—and your closet is no exception. Freshening up what you already have couldn’t be easier. And thanks to great price points, the trends have never been more affordable. All you really need is the confidence to try them on. What better way than with small accessories. Here are a few of our spring-forward favourites. t8n

Braids and buns are more popular than ever. And you can find great tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest. Best of all, the messier they get, the better they look. Perfect incentive for beginners.

nail polishThis year’s breakout star is definitely a red lip. There are lots of rules about matching the undertone in your skin to the undertone in the lipstick. But the best rule of all? Pick what you love. If a bold lip is out of your comfort zone, put that pop of red on your nails.

purseIf you love this season’s floral trend but are timid about wearing an all-over pattern, start with a great pair of shoes, like these sneakers. A touch of black lends them a little sophistication while still fulfilling the fun quota.

This ombré bag is a perfect introduction to wearing colour. Not only will it wake up your favourite dark suit, it’s also a great combination of casual and dressy.

Nothing gives new life to a white button-down like a statement necklace. hatYou don’t have to look hard to find one either. Most clothing stores have terrific accessory sections. These beauties were each under $12.

Besides being an instant solution to a bad hair day, a hat can make any outfit feel new. And what other accessory gives you a little place to hide and commands attention all at once? Brilliant.

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