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Sports On a Budget: Making sure your sports enthusiast can play

August, 2017

A new school year is fast approaching, and this is when parents and students start thinking about extra-curricular activities. These activities usually take the form of organized sports, which can be quite expensive, especially if your child—or yourself—wants to learn hockey, football, lacrosse or skiing. The cost of equipment and annual fees can hurt the household budget.

At least there are some ways to lessen the cost of the sports equipment. Below is a short list to of organizations and companies that have used sports equipment. This is by no means a definitive list, but it’s a starting point for parents who want to give their children the chance to play sports but may find it difficult to finance that chance.


Sport Central, 11847 Wayne Gretzky Drive N (

Since 1991, this organization has helped kids in central and northern Alberta get the sports equipment they need. They recycle and distribute sports equipment that have been repaired by volunteers. They collect items for 13 different sports including hockey, shinny, skating, lacrosse, baseball, tennis, badminton, rollerblading and cycling.


All Sports & Cycle, 13016-82 Street NW (

This store has a department called Allsports Replay. It sells quality-used sporting goods, accessories and equipment for hockey, golf, downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, baseball and soccer. They have a buy, sell and trade program.


Totem Outdoor Fitters, 7430-99 Street NW (

This store has a sports exchange program for soccer, golf and lacrosse. You can also find new and used hockey, lacrosse, soccer, skiing, boarding, golf and ball equipment. The company has a buy, sell, consign and trade-in program for sporting goods, and it’s a huge supporter of Sports Central.


Other places that you may want to consider buying used sports equipment are the local sports clubs, second-hand stores, recreation centres and gyms. Most places that take donations usually require that the equipment be cleaned before being donated, and bear in mind that not all equipment can be donated, so check the organization or company first before making the trip down.

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