September 2017

August, 2017



Gender Salary Gap
Do You Mind the Gap? Men earn more money than women do. Why is this still an issue?

In March 2017, Iceland made headlines as the first country in the world to require businesses to demonstrate they are paying men… Read



Rexplex Canine Sport Facility
Teaching all dogs some new tricks

If you and your dog are getting a little bored of the standard walk around the block, Rexplex Canine Sport Facility might… Read



An ancient craft in your own backyard

One of our oldest professions, the ancient practice of beekeeping, is experiencing something of a renaissance. In 2015, a record number of… Read


Mint Condition - Summer’s garnish just got serious

At last! Mint is getting its delicious and rightful dues. No longer relegated to “pretty garnish” or “breath-freshener” status, mint is rising… Read


It’s hard to think about September without also thinking about school. All the new things to learn and the new ways to learn them—all the people who inspire lifelong learning. And since few things make us happier than sharing ideas and starting conversations, we’re dedicating this month’s issue to getting schooled. The first question we’re asking? How is it that men still earn more money than women do?

A second question on this issue’s lips: What exactly is fake news and, for that matter, a post-truth world? And speaking of buzzwords, have you heard of the “health halo effect?” Well, get ready to because we’re taking a look at the hidden language of food packaging. From ambiguous words that imply healthy benefits to ingredient lists that are less than forthcoming, there is no shortage of marketing tactics for making you think a product is healthier than it actually is.

What else are we learning about this month? Let’s see… we’re exploring beekeeping, community gardening, dog-agility training—ooh!—and a delightfully odd concept called hygge—the Scandinavian art of feeling cozy.

So, ready to start these conversations with us? We’re hoping so. As Albert Einstein said, “Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information.”