February 2018

January, 2018



HPV Vaccinations
Cancer Prevention Is Here

Have you ever given money to help find a cure for cancer? You probably have: according to the Canadian Cancer Society, in… Read



Good Earth Coffeehouse
Coffee fuelling community and relationships

For many people, coffee shops serve an important communal need in our culture: they’re a place to gather—a go-to spot for work… Read




Snackers Love Crackers Hello, Yummy Valentine!   It’s that romantic time of year when one’s thoughts and surrendered inhibitions melt indulgently into…… Read


Sex Talk … With Your Parents!
Tips for making the awkward less awkward

Oh, the good old days, when having “the talk” only required eye-rolling and righteous indignation on your part. Well, welcome to Part… Read


Relationships. As a delightfully charming person in my life likes to say, “A relationship is like a fart. If you have to force it, it’s probably sh*t.” Did I say charming? Perhaps I meant unapologetically blunt. And kind of annoying… My point, however, is that forcing something—especially a relationship—won’t always yield the results you wanted. But that doesn’t mean good relationships don’t require work—they do. Much of which involves listening (when you don’t want to), learning (when you’re afraid of what you’ll find) and getting comfortable with uncomfortable honesty. Fun! Well, maybe not. But worth it? Almost always. Welcome to our Relationships issue.

Money, food, fear, sex, information, health—we have relationships with all of them. And speaking of the last four, this month’s feature article explores the misinformation about and discomfort around the topic of HPV vaccinations. From there, we tiptoe toward another relationship, this time with our parents, to discuss… their sex lives. Yup. With Health Canada reporting a 142 percent increase in chlamydia in the 60-plus demographic, it’s time for the talk. And we’ve got tips for getting you started. 

Also on this month’s relationship radar: fashion, coffee, mindfulness, television, social media and—snack food! Ready to get reading and listening and learning and comfortable with the uncomfortable? We hope so. Oh, and that charming person I was quoting? You might have met her here before…

Happy February.