August 2017

July, 2017



Financial Literacy
Don’t make cash a cold, hard conversation

There’s something about money that makes people squirm. Like the “sex talk,” the “where money comes from” talk is something that doesn’t… Read



Habitat for Humanity
Putting the home back in homework

Go to any Habitat for Humanity work site, and you’ll hear the sound of hammers and saws, people laughing and lives changing.… Read


The Northern Alberta Business Incubator
Nurturing small businesses since 1989

Dar Schwanbeck doesn’t mince words. “Most small businesses don’t know what they need to know to succeed,” says the managing director of… Read



Breads and Toast
The Toast of the Town - Bread is back!

Carb-counters, look away. Bread is back, and the only thing happier than your taste buds are your bank accounts. Historically considered peasant… Read


Financial Apps
Using your phone to manage your money

Smart phones and finances—the two can be an explosive combination in the hands of those who love online shopping too much. However,… Read


August and everything after. If you’re old enough to know that musical reference, welcome to my 20s! But don’t get nostalgic just yet. We’re counting more than crows in this month’s T8N—we’re counting money. More specifically, we’re counting on changing the conversation around money. Starting with the financial lexicon needed to begin one.

After tackling financial literacy, we looked to our photo essay to capture and explore a different kind of economic education with a visit to Habitat for Humanity. There we met not only an amazing team and organization but also a community of volunteers putting the home back in homework.

The learning didn’t stop there. We explored the world of crowdfunding, financial apps and took a visit to the Northern Alberta Business Incubator. And if you’re heading back to post-secondary this September, you’ll want to check our tips for saving money on textbooks and how to apply for a student loan.

And what’s a conversation about money without talking breadwinners? Delicious ones! In this month’s recipes, we’re celebrating a staple that’s been stretching budgets for centuries—Bread! We’ve got blueberry focaccia with lemon and thyme, Mediterranean olive bread, panzanella salad and a bread pudding with rum sauce to knock your socks off. Ready to butter up to a good thing? Sounds like good cents, indeed.

Happy August.